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Marissa Coleman Blog: Two Special Vets

August 12, 2010, 11:39 am

Thursday, August 12, 2010 11:41 a.m.

Let's flash back to my second game as a rookie: We are getting ready to play the Detroit Shock and a couple of my teammates have a warning for me: 'Watch out for Katie Smith's elbows and forearm.' So, I start thinking to myself, 'she must throw some serious elbows if I am getting a warning like this.' Sure enough, as soon as I check into the game, I run through the lane to make a cut and 'BAM!', I get that 'Katie Smith forearm-to-the-chest'. It may have knocked the wind out of me for a second, but I took it like a chump, uh, I mean CHAMP! If my memory does serve me correctly, I did hit her with a pretty nice spin move, followed by an And-1 that game.

I knew Katie Smith was a legend, Olympian, WNBA champion (the list could go on), but that was my introduction to her famous forearm-to-the-chest. Now, a year later, here we are, teammates. You would think I would be free from all elbows and forearms, uh, not so much.

Having Katie as a teammate this year has been such a great experience. She has accomplished everything that I hope I am able to work for in my career. I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn and play with such a great player and person. Katie comes into practice everyday with the same approach. She competes and works harder than almost anyone. She just wants to win, and her passion for the game is definitely something I admire. She is a legend in the Women's game and still works as if she has something to prove. Impressive, right?

One of the people I turn to the most on the team is Alana. She took me under her wing my Rookie year and hasn't looked back since then. A couple of months leading up to the season Alana and I were in the gym everyday working out with Coach. Like Katie, Alana works extremely hard, and it is contagious. Until I worked out with Alana I don't think I understood the true meaning of 'working hard'. I work hard, yea, always in the gym, getting extra shots up, wanting to get better, but it is the consistency that Alana has taught me. In work outs she would go so hard, which made me go even harder. Not only did I not want to be the weak link in the workout, in a way, I wanted to impress Alana. I wanted her to know I wanted it just as bad as she did. I admire Alana, I always have. I am ashamed to admit I once was a fan of hers at EKUD. Being a Terp, it is hard for me to admit I liked a EIKUD. I even have her autograph on an old pair of shoes. (Insert red, embarrassed face here)

Needless to say, after the couple months that I spent everyday with Alana, forming such a strong bond with her, it hurt when I found out she would be out this season.

Watching Alana go through her injury this year, and how she has handled it, shows just how great of a player and teammate she is. She has still been there for all of her teammates and never shows her disappointment of frustrations. Learning from Katie this season, watching her toughness and how she competes has just helped me become a better player.

I am lucky to have this opportunity to learn and play with these two players. They have each taught me and are still teaching me what it takes to be a great and respected player and teammate.

Marissa Coleman: Better Late Than Never

June 29, 2010, 6:43 pm
So, I am 1 or 2, or 4 weeks late with this blog, which leaves, just so much to talk about! So, excuse the randomness.

For my returning readers that found so much humor and joy in Boston’s delinquency last summer, I am proud to say, well, nothing has changed. She is happy and crazy as ever, and still so cute! I am sure, at some point, I will be writing about how she managed to get into Salmon I left out to thaw.….Oh, wait, that already happened. I left to go workout, came home to find a plastic bag around Boston’s head with her reeking of fish. Yep, she managed to jump on the kitchen island and grab the Salmon. If only I had the jumping abilities of Boston, if only…..

June, 30, 2010…

No, it’s not just another hump day or the end of the month. It’s the day that millions like me have been anxiously awaiting for since November 30. Ahh, yes, the release of the 3rd movie in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse! Yes, I too, am in love with a Fictional Vampire. I finished all the books in a span of two weeks and that is when I met the love of my life, Edward. I even might have a “Team Edward” t-shirt, please, don’t judge. Needless to say I am pretty excited about going to see the premiere at midnight, in my “Team Edward” t-shirt, that I might have.  Again, please don’t judge.

So, as I continue with the randomness, I think I should probably throw something in here about basketball? The season has been going pretty well so far, we are working hard and getting better every day. It is going to continue to be an exciting season in DC.

I have to give a special shoutout to my fellow Terp, Ms. Milk Mustache, Crystal Langhorne. The way she has been playing lately is crazzzzy! 31 points, while shooting 75% from the field, and grabbing 10 boards, I have no words, only can shake my head! It must be the 2% milk she has been drinking. But, seriously, Lang is a special player and I am used to watching her put up numbers like this. I remember in the NCAA tournament in 2006, she scored 17 of our first 21 points against Baylor. As Nakia would say, “that girl is good!” (Lang, if you are reading this, no need to thank me for further assuring your greatness, just send a few extra passes my way)

You will be reading more from me this season, and I promise it would be as late nor random.

See ya at the next home game! Go Mystics!

Marissa Coleman: Kenny Chesney Concert

September 2, 2009, 10:45 am
Okay, so I’ve decided I am going to stop writing about Boston for the rest of the season. (Sorry to disappoint you guys, as I know how much you love hearing about her) But, she has been getting way too much attention. And quite honestly, I am getting a bit jealous. No one ever asks me “Hey, Marissa how are you doing? How is the season going?” But, everyone al-ways asks me how Boston is. Yes, I am bitter : )


August 29, 2009 will go down as the highlight of my summer! For those of you who do not know I am a bit obsessed with music, especially country and Kenny Chesney. (insert shocked noises here) I love listening to music and going to concerts, especially Kenny’s (yes, we are on a first name basis and yes I am going to count how many times I can bring his name up in this blog) Anyway, August 29, 2009. I have been to a Kenny concert every summer since my Senior year in high school, and this summer was no different. Long story short, I know Kenny indirectly. (I know people, that know people, that know people) So, he got me tickets for the concert. (jealous? I know.)

My friends and I get to the concert and go to will call to get the tickets. I hand the woman my I.D and she says “honey, I don’t see your name on our will call list.” (I started to panic big time) BUT, then she asked “who left you the tickets?” I look around at the people in line around me and there are these three guys behind me, giving me that, “hurry up” look. So I tell the lady, “the man himself left me the tickets”. Can you guess her response? “Wow, well aren’t you lucky?” (why yes, yes, I am) Anyway, enough rambling. Once I said “the man himself left the tickets” the guys behind me made one of those “yeah, right” noises….the lady hands me the tickets and I turn and smile nicely and the men. I really wanted to say “HA, and you didn’t think Kenny left me these tickets.” I should have asked where their seats where, because mine where…wait for it…wait for it….SECOND ROW! Needless to say, I was pretty happy…Ecstatic would be a better word.

So, Kenny and I sang the night away, along with thousands of others, but it seemed like it was only him and I. I video recorded almost all of his songs, the next day when I watched them all I could hear was me singing super loud to every song. I definitely should have left the singing to Kenny. For those of you who aren’t country fans, I guarantee if you went to one of his concerts you would leave a fan. My favorite song of his is “Never Wanted Nothing More”, I encourage all to go buy it from ITunes right now. Let me know what you think.

Okay, sorry to blab on about my love for Kenny (name dropping count is at 8) but he is just that great. We are in the midst of our playoff push and it is an exciting time. So keep watching and supporting the Mystics, we appreciate it!

Boston says hi! Peace and love!

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Marissa Coleman: Los Angeles Trip

August 18, 2009, 6:19 pm

I thought noise cancelling headphones were supposed to cancel out all sounds? Ha, well, they did until I met the guy on the plane to LA sitting in seat 16 D. This guy could talk. He was sitting in the row behind B-Mo and I and he seriously talked for the first 3 ½ hours of the flight non-stop. We both had headphones on and could still hear him. I would fall asleep for a little bit, wake up, and he was still chatting away with the guy sitting next to him. I did learn that the guy was a fire fighter, loves motorcycles and old cars, likes to work on cars, and likes to travel. I may need to invest in some new noise cancelling headphones.

See, I hate flying. Hate it! It has gotten worse as I have gotten older too, so of course I wasn’t too thrilled about this long west coast trip we are taking. If we could have driven, biked, or teleported to the west coast I would have been much more excited. When I was younger, my mom used to drug me to sleep so I wouldn’t be so nervous or annoy her the entire flight. (It was only Nyquil ladies and gentlemen, no need to panic. My mom is a wonderful parent). My mom is a flight attendant so you would think after all the traveling I’ve done with her I would like flying. No way is Jose, flying not for me. Or heights, in general. No rollercoasters, sky diving or tall buildings. (I don’t even like driving over really high bridges).

We practiced at the Lakers facilities when we got in, they are really nice. Some of my teammates had high hopes that Kobe would be walking around or working out somewhere. Me, I am “team LeBron” all the way. Chasity and I are the two huge King James fans on the team, so if we saw him, we probably wouldn’t have even said “hi”. (haha, okay, maybe “hi”). In one of the offices over-looking the court were the Lakers 9 championship trophies. 9! That is impressive. I know if I walked into practice everyday and saw those trophies, it would be motivation enough to try and get a tenth.

Okay, it is time for shootaround at the Staples center. Maybe afterwards I will walk around LA and hope to see some movie stars. Maybe Julia Roberts! She is my absolute favorite. I was thinking maybe I should go to Rodeo drive and reenact the scene from Pretty Woman when she goes shopping for the first time. For all you of you Pretty Woman fans, I will leave you with this quote. “You remember me? You wouldn’t wait on me yesterday. You work off of commission right? Big mistake! Huge!” (I’m a bit obsessed)

Until Next Time

Go Mystics

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